our story

Believing that the core of Christianity is founded on people's love for God and their active compassion for others, Toby and his wife, Ellen, dreamed for years of establishing a very unique church. In 2005, after graduating from seminary in St. Louis, the Stevens moved to Anchorage and immediately began sharing their hope and the gospel with everyone they met.  The dream became a reality.

What began over pancakes in a garage-converted-living room has now moved into other homes across Anchorage. The Journey, as we call it, is a diverse community of folks who have abandoned the notion that life can and should be lived in isolation. We’re united by our ever-changing lives in God.

The Journey is not a church in the way our culture defines it. Church is not something we go to; it is something that we are.  We’re a family of all ages and backgrounds. And we belong, strangely and perfectly, together.

We have experienced that God is crazy in love with people, and because of this, we are constantly on the lookout for others who need to belong in our family. If you're looking for a family, to draw closer to God, or to find your place in serving the Anchorage community, we'd love for you to stop by.  Join us on The Journey.