who is The Journey?

A church of normal people in constant transition as Jesus changes us. We derived our name from a simple fact: our journey through life is just as important as our destination … and who we are on this journey determines our paths.

where does your church meet?

Throughout the week we meet in homes across Anchorage. We call these meetings “House Church”. These gatherings are scheduled times where we journey through life together in small groups.

We’ve learned that people generally need more than just attending church services. The nurturing that comes from consistently meeting with a small group of Jesus-focused people is vital. For most of us without relatives in Anchorage, these small communities have become our family.

House Churches offer on-going opportunities for people to experience God in a deep way. They generate deeper relationships, help people find their purpose, and offer get practical help in developing mature faith. And usually, it is within the House Church discussions that plans originate for offering aid in our local community. Check out what our house churches are currently studying.

If you’ve never been part of a House Church and would like to, contact us for more information or see our calendar for locations and times.